What is Cavako Social Proof Notifications?

Your website. Visitors are more likely to make a purchase if they see others doing it. Social Proof notifications

allow you to display the number of visitors, signups, purchases and conversions

that take place over a certain period of time.

Cavako Social Proof Features

Create urgency, trust and engagement with Cavako and increase your conversions instantly


Add a deadline offer in your emails and landing pages so that every time a user moves to your email sequence they can see a personalized deadline offer.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity notifications show the number of people who have recently signed up or purchased the product. Highlight the popularity of your product and create fear of missing out.

Realtime Visitors

Display number of visitors that are currently present on a web page or on an entire domain with Real Time Visitors notifications. Creates trust and encourages visitors to sign up or make a purchase.


Testimonials give users an unbiased opinion of your product. People might not believe you but they’ll always believe your customers. Display testimonials on your web page to gain confidence of your visitors.


Conversion card notifications motivates the user to take the next step towards your goal by showing them a custom message with a custom call to action button. So, that you can target the right audience to promote your campaign.

Tracking your goals

Track your goals, leads and conversions with Cavako and get insights to make better decisions.


Customisation option gives you the ease to create and customise your campaigns and notification to achieve your desired goals

A / B Testing

Track your goals, leads and conversions with Cavako and get insights to make better decisions.

Perfect integration

Connect your Cavako account with multiple platforms and make the most out of your marketing campaigns. You can integrate with tools that you already use to discover new ones.

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